Choosing the right puppy


Choosing the right puppy for your home and family is a very important decision.  If you want a pedigree puppy, it is important to find a reputable breeder, who has a long history of breeding puppies with good temperament as well as good health.  My personal choice is always to rescue mixed breeds in shelters.  These dogs are generally stronger and healthier than pedigree dogs.  The disadvantage though is you know nothing about their history and background, so some of them may come with issues, such as fearful aggression, or could have had a life of abuse.  It is however  very possible with correct training, proper socialisation and care to correct these behaviours.

I adopted a beautiful intelligent mixed breed, who was hiding as a puppy in a kennel in a shelter.  At all of 9 weeks old she had obviously had a rough start.  She was very fearful.  It was a miracle we even found her, as she was hiding away.  My 10 year old daughter crawled into the kennel to get her, after she spotted her peering out.  I knew straight away she had issues, but I’m not one to back away from a challenging pup.  I don’t regret the day we bought her home, with correct training and a lot of time and attention she has blossomed into the most amazing family pet.  She is still a little nervous around some people and other dogs, she doesn’t like them approaching her suddenly or getting all up in her face.  But that’s ok.  I know lots of humans like that too, so I don’t consider it an issue.  No one should ever hurriedly approach a dog and push into their space anyway.

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In my training videos I will be discussing some amazing tips on choosing the correct puppy for your home.

Take careful note of the following tips when choosing the right puppy:

He must have already had a lot of human contact and handling by 8 weeks of age.

Your puppy must not be too aggressive at the food bowl  (although this can be normal with other puppies around – its not difficult to sort out with a few training techniques)

Push puppy gently over onto his back, is he loveable and friendly? Or get aggressive and tense when you do this?

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